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Continuing the spirit of a revolution..

A NATION’S future and its ability to compete in the global market depend greatly onhow it generates new ideas and innovates in science and technology. BVVTC has initiated steps to create a Knowledge Centre that would catalyse the process ofknowledge assimilation as well its dispensation.

BVVTC include three vital focus areas:Knowledge Capital Development: To build and enhance skills and develop human resources capital in the burgeoning technology space. Technical skills in areas such as networking, database management, embedded systems, mobile technology, advanced web technologies, multimedia & animation techniques, Medical Transcription, Call Center and Tool Design & Die Making; management skills relevant totechnology driven enterprises; and, soft skills for the development of the individual.

Bharatheeya Vidya Nikeethan

– Higher Education Division

BVN is committed towards supporting the youth of Kerala by helping them to gain skills to gain an entry to the industrial careers. The programs are designed by experts working in respective industry based on the skill gap they identified during the recruitment process. The value addition these programs are giving to the individuals will be long lasting as the put every step in their career ladder.After the training , all the trainees are assured with an interview from established BPO company and will be getting continuous support till they get placed.