Networking Courses

Networking Courses

 IT professionals skilled in the many areas of networking are always in high demand in today’s job market.  Networking certifications helps the IT career aspirants to be job ready with the ability to describe the features and functions of networking components and to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure.  These programs impart the technologies that qualified IT professionals must master — especially those who aspire to work as network administrators. Certifications are available for all major tiers of networking job roles, from the entry to the expert level . Our highly experienced faculty members impart the technological training sessions in sync with the Networking / IT infrastructure management needs of top-notch MNCs.

Networking Courses Offered

1. Certification Training Program for CCNA 

Duration : 2 Months

Overview :

There exists a projected huge person gap in the labor needs for qualified professionals in the networking industry by 2020. Many of these opportunities will be in emerging in specialized networking fields like WAN, security, voice and wireless. Focusing on the growing need for knowledgeable computer network professionals Bharatiya Vidya Niketan has been conducting training for various  international, vendor/vendor-neutral/free software certifications to help the trainees to attend for vendor certification examinations and help to develop a networking career.

These training programs synergises well between Network Solutions and IT Training. Training will develop the ability to describe the features and functions of networking components and to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure. We have highly qualified and certified Networking Engineers as trainers, who have the complete understanding of the Networking industry, its prospects and are efficient enough to see to it that the trainees will be equipped with the latest knowledge in networking industry.

Course Modules :

Basic Networking
Internetworking Concepts
Router and Switch operations
IP Routing
LAN Switching
IP Services
Router & Switch Security
WAN Connectivity Solutions and Protocols
Wireless Networking

2. Certificate Program in Hardware

Duration: 4 months

   PC Assembly & Hardware Maintenance      (20 Hrs)

  • Computer Fundamentals.
  • PC Environment (Architecture and Components)
  • Basics of computer hardware.
  • Motherboards, Processor and Hardware Organization
  • Memory types and Storage devices
  • Different Types of Cache, Buses, Motherboards, Processors, RAM, ROM etc.
  • Different Types of Expansion Slots, Expansion Cards.
  • Booting process, BIOS
  • Interface adapters & Peripherals
  • Power Supply & UPS
  • PC assembly and setup
  • Verifying the assembly procedure
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

   Software Installation & Upgrades (20 Hrs)

  • Identifying pre-requisite (Hardware, File system, Partitioning, Formatting, etc..)
  • Operating System  installation.
  • Installation of Applications softwares.
  • Recovery procedures (Uninstalling, Use of recovery disk, Backup procedures)
  • Software Maintenance (Removing, Temporary files, Disk maintenance etc..)
  • Troubleshooting

System Administration (20 Hrs)

  • Administration’s responsibilities
  • Hardware, Device Installation & Configurations
  • File System Management
    • Introduction to Server Systems & Services
    • Domains & Workgroups
  • Creating a Workgroup & sharing Resources
  • Creating a Domain, Adding Users & sharing Resources
  • User management (Rights, User Groups & Permissions)
  • Sharing Storage space & Disk quotas
  • DHCP scope creation
  • System Administration & Maintenance tools
  • Systems Security & System Recovery-Backup Process
  • Troubleshooting

Network setup and Maintenance (20 Hrs)

  • Introduction to computer Network
    • LAN, WAN & Internet
  • LAN Topologies
  • Equipments used in LAN Environment
    • Switches /Hubs, Routers, Gateways
  • LAN Cabling Techniques, Preparing Cables & Testing
  • Cabling Using CAT 5 Cable, Crimping tool Usage.
  • IP Addresses ,Sub-netting & VLSM.
  • Setting up of a LAN
    1. Connect through the Ethernet Switches
    • TCP/IP Configurations
    • Sharing Resources
    • Installing Devices (Network Printer)
  • How to Configure & Connect to Internet
    • Using LAN & Proxy Server
  • Network Monitoring Trouble Shooting(using Wireshark)

Special Topics (80 Hrs)

  • OSI reference model
  • Configuring Networking Devices (Routers & Switches)
  • Routing protocols configuration.(Static,RIP,EIGRP,OSPF).
  • Access  Control Lists & NAT
  • WAN protocols.
  • LAN switching(VLAN,VTP Inter VLAN communication etc)
  • Introduction to WLAN
  • CCTV installation (theoretical aspects).
  • IPV6
  • Theory exam
  • Practical exam